LICHT 1 (2015)
First experimental short film about light in the dark. Making small lights appear prominent using Bokeh as the main effect.
LICHT 2 (2015)
Second short film about light using long exposure to archive a “speed of light” effect combined with lightpaintings alongside the dark soundtrack of Utopia. 

LICHT 3 (2020)
After a longer break I created the third short film about light. I used a bokeh converter in front of the lens to archieve the cross shape. My goal was to not use special effects but to show how much is possible right out of the camera.
LOS GATOS (2020)
Documentation of an art project in Leipzig that me and some friends hosted at Lindenow Art show. We played music on the street for everyone to enjoy and Barbara painted cats on a wall guided by the music.

COLORS (2017)
A mood piece about the colors of nature in spring. Using a square crop and mostly macro for focus on colors and textures combined with hand drawn animations.

A music video as a result from video classes. The topic was “visible sound”  and focused on how sound can be visualised. I chose a song by “The Flashbulb” that blends classical and electronic music. I used liquid colors crystals and light to represent different instruments and movements.